Why I Love My Smart Thermostat

Dated: 08/25/2016

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Smart Thermostats

There is a reason why the most poplar home technology category in recent years  has been and still is the thermostat.  it’s still not that often that I see a home with a smart thermostat but believe me that number is increasing. Personally however I swear by the nest and have had it hem installed in my homes since it came out.  Smart thermostats can reduce utility bills in a home as well as make the temperature and environment much more comfortable.

The smart  thermostats work best when they are linked to the internet. They learn the patterns of the residents of the home and adapt to ensure that the temperature changes depending on the occupany of the home as well as the time of day.

There are many manufacturers of smart thermostats. The cost of these thermostats vary from around $200 to $400. My first nest cost about $240 and the second one I purchased on Amazon for under $200.  I love the simplicity of the nest thermostat and it is one of the most popular ones. We are able to control the thermostat from our cell phones. When we travel it is easy to keep an eye on the home and check the temperature. When we are away the thermostat will automatically switch to an energy saving temperature. As soon as we land we simply switch the temperature to a cooler 72 degrees and by the time we are back from the airport the home is already cooled down.

Some of the other thermostats know exactly when home owners are nearby and they also employ this technology to reduce the temperature in anticipation of the home owners coming home. Let's say you like it to be 74 degrees when you get home from work and you work 45 minutes away. As you drive towards your home the temperature is changes s the temperature is right the way you like it when you arrive,

Our nest learns our routine and knows at what temperature we like at what time of day. When there is no activity in the house the temperature adjusts to an energy saving setting.

Living in Florida our biggest concern is cooling. The few days a year we might decide to turn the heat on are very rare. However this thermostat works the exact same way in cooler climates. Sometimes living in Florida I forget that there are people who need to heat their homes. That's one of the many reasons I am a real estate agent in Florida and not some colder area. 

New home builders are generally not including nests in their standard features. Some higher end builders do this. For buyers interested in this technology I believe that it would make an awesome closing gift from a Realtor. The thermostats pay for themselves in a couple of years and they also look a lot more attractive than the white boxes from the generic manufacturers.

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